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Burningman Honoraria program 2023

"The Moroccan ParTea"

To honor my fellow Moroccans, the Moroccan generosity  and hospitality, I am building a larger than life  tea set complete with the a massive teapot and tea cups on a tray.  I can safely assume this would be the biggest Moroccan tea set on the planet :) This installation is to celebrate the generous spirit that we all are gifted with, reminder of the sweet feeling of gratitude that happens with gifting.  I see this installation making “le tour du monde” bringing a taste of my culture and love to all. Exhibiting in all counties to bring us all together, nothing better than a cup of mint tea.


My name Hind Baghdadi 

born and raised in Morocco 

Bloomed In the United States 

Flourished at Burningman 

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Gifting is one of burningman's principles and one of my favorites. As a Moroccan gifting comes first for us and one of the ways to do it is by offering mint tea as a way of connecting, a way of gathering, sharing and just being a soulful human, and for that I would like to honor this beautiful way of being by building a larger than life Mint Tea set in order to gift tea, love and unity for all.
The tea pot will be about 7M in height and the tray about 16m in diameter.
the cups will be functional and citizens will be able to retrieve refreshments from them as they will be built out of clay, showcasing a natural cooling system. 
the tea pot is made out of metal and intricate designs carved on brass. 


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